Clair de Lune, petit à petit!

It’s been an exciting first month for Clair de Lune in Burkina Faso. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with a range of leaders – from US Ambassador Mushingi, to the traditional Naba of our region, to the Mayor of Koudougou. Everyone has expressed interest in our products and support for Clair de Lune as we move forward.

Our biggest news is that we’ve now officially been registered as a société à responsibilité limitée (SARL), the equivalent in Burkina Faso of an LLC. This now opens us up to begin selling lights for our pilot.

To do this we’ve been working around the clock to develop our advertising materials and develop a partnership with Burkina’s largest bus line, STAF.  In addition, with a curriculum already laid out for training our sales staff, we’ve started the hiring process for our initial 3 to 5 team members in the next few days.


Clair de Lune’s new Sales Team Manager, Joseph Badolo.

Lastly, we’re excited to welcome our first hire for the crucial position of Sales Team Manager, Joseph Badolo! Joseph has already proven himself extremely valuable to Clair de Lune, demonstrating lights in 8 villages to over 400 people, and identifying first hand the electricity needs of these individuals.

We’ll be beginning our hiring process for the rest of our sales team members next week, and will be receiving our first shipment of 300 lights, so stay tuned!