Student Innovation Spotlight: Entrepreneurship and the Environment

May 2014

Many of the world’s environmental and development challenges have already been solved. At least this is the argument increasingly promulgated by some of the leading thinkers in the entrepreneurship community, such as the founders of the D-Prize, an annual competition to develop innovative distribution strategies to fight poverty. Like many others, they argue that basic solutions to environmental and development challenges, like the solar lantern, have existed for two decades. The challenge is to successfully distribute these technologies to those who need them most. This is why entrepreneurship is such a key component to tackling today’s most pressing environmental and development issues. (click to continue…)


12 Tufts-Spun Startups Prepare to Compete For Their Shot at $100K

March 2014

“Twelve student- and alumni-founded startups are in the running to win big at the 10th Annual Tufts $100K New Ventures Competition. The Gordon Institute’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program announced the finalists for the 2014 contest, which is focused on fostering “big ideas” and bolstering the University’s budding entrepreneurial energy.

Last year, the contest saw a record-breaking number of applicants, growing from 18 to 109. This year’s pool is equally as enterprising, venturing far beyond the scope of apps, producing products ranging from a program to prepare low-income students for careers in computer programming to a distribution platform for solar lights instead. (click to continue…)


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